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A vision without a plan is just a dream. A plan without a vision is just drudgery. But a vision with a plan can change the world.


Executive Director
Project Implicit

Noah has been instrumental to the organizational change we have seen at Project Implicit. From process improvement to operations and finance to board development, he has been my trusty co-pilot and collaborator for over two years. In addition to being an exceptional nonprofit consultant, he is a delightfully warm and thoughtful person who can give one heck of a pep talk when you're feeling anxious or overwhelmed. I am inspired by and grateful for the open, thoughtful feedback he provides every single time we meet, and I know that I'm a better leader because of it.

Executive Director
Open Table Nashville

Open Table Nashville has had the opportunity to utilize Noah's services on two different occasions and both were immensely helpful. The first was to facilitate a strategic planning process for our organization which included staff, volunteers, board members, and other key stakeholders. Noah saw us through every step of the process and was extremely organized and thoughtful on how to facilitate. He was available for in person meetings, zoom sessions, phone calls, and more. Noah leads with compassion and grace and brings a wealth of knowledge on the nonprofit sector. He also does not shy away from tough conversations about toxic workplaces and the way white supremacy continues to permeate the nonprofit sector and best practices on how to navigate and implement change around both of those things. The second time we were able to use Noah's expertise was for a board of directors recruitment process that culminated in a board retreat. These were actually goals that came out of our strategic planning process and it was great continuity to have Noah come alongside us for it. We already had an established relationship, he knew the players, and the context so it was a perfect fit. Noah's suggestions for new member recruitment ideas worked and we doubled the size of our board and were able to have in person retreat together to start the 2024 off right. In addition to guiding and facilitating the process, he created content, collaborated with me on what our board needed to hear during the retreat, and even opened his personal office space to host the retreat. Having Noah's expertise, kindness, and facilitation skills were exactly what we needed. 


Executive Director

Disability Rights Tennessee

It has been an incredible pleasure to work with Noah Spiegel over the past several months. Noah was contracted to assist Disability Rights Tennessee (DRT) with a very complicated analysis of our current processes in order to create a Project Methodology for our programs. I was amazed by Noah’s ability to swiftly understand what we needed, in ways that even we did not fully understand, and provide guidance and comprehensive support to help us achieve our goals. Noah has immense vision while also exhibiting strong attention to detail, a rare combination in a leader/consultant. I was so impressed with his work that I contracted Noah again to design a Team Values project for DRT. Once more, it was a seamless and professional process with an outstanding result. Throughout my interactions with Noah I felt wholly confident in his ability to deliver precisely what was required, and he exceeded my expectations on every task. I highly recommend him and look forward to working with him again soon.



Executive Director and Founder

Moves and Grooves


Survey Feedback from Participants in Board Roles and Responsibilities Course

"Noah definitely set the tone and they were amazing. It was engaging, relatable, and culturally responsive. Honestly, It was the perfect presentation to set us up for success. For a moment I forgot I was even in a zoom meeting because it was all so relatable. Noah did not  "talk at us" he "talked with us". A++++++ for this presenter and their content!"

"Honestly, he was so amazing one of the best speakers/facilitators  I've heard amidst this pandemic in a virtual setting!"

"I loved the interactive elements of Noah's talk - it was very engaging and helped create collaborative group discussion and encouraged reflection on how to be effective and thoughtful as a future board member. I also thought the discussion on appreciative inquiry was fantastic and can't wait to utilize that method both in a role on a non-profit board, as well as in other facets of my life/work. The baby animals were also great".


Facilitator, Consultant, Coach

It has been an honor to work with Noah Spiegel in several settings. The constant in these varied instances is how he combines integrity - leading with the best interests of the whole in mind, inspiration - engaging others to believe and achieve big goals, and intellect - designing processes and solving problems to achieve greater effectiveness. Noah's authentic leadership allows him to relate equally well in diverse settings such as executive board meetings or grass roots community volunteer meetings. He is keenly aware that bringing out the best in people means ensuring that communications, systems, and processes have to be setup to facilitate people's success. Noah is truly a role model in the way he combines positive energy with operational precision to solve complex problems and achieve breakthrough goals.

Some say that you never know what you need, until its standing right in front of you. Well, in my case "it" was Noah Spiegel and he was literally sitting in front of me having lunch. During a casual lunch conversation I began to describe to Noah the challenging position my agency was facing to handle growth and meet the needs of our constituents. After a 5-minute overview of the company, Noah quickly pointed out that our company was in need of a total rebranding,  and that our agency offered much more than what was being perceived and articulated through our media. It was at that moment that I knew I was in the presence of someone who not only was knowledgeable about nonprofits but also well connected enough to help our team during the most challenging moments. Noah worked enthusiastically for several months with me and my team to help devise a strategic plan that encompassed clear goals and action steps to ensure our agency fulfills its mission to serve youth and families through quality youth arts and education services. With Noah's guidance, I am now confident in my ability as the Executive Director of a growing nonprofit to lead my team in the right direction. In addition, our board is now equipped with the tools to face challenges and overcome them with meaningful and measurable results. 


Former Executive Director,

Delight Ministries

As a new (and first) executive director at a relatively young non-profit organization, it would have been easy to feel overwhelmed at the number of HR policies and processes that we needed to put in place. Noah not only helped me determine how to prioritize the needed activities into a manageable timeline, he also provided valuable resources to complete the work. It was such a relief to not have to start from scratch! Additionally, he served as a tremendous source of support and encouragement during the project. During the time we worked together, it felt like he was part of our team. The level of service he provided was above and beyond what I had expected when we first thought of working with a consultant, and it had a huge impact on making the experience of working together on our project an immensely positive one. Based on the combination of Noah's expertise and knowledge, excellent customer service skills, and pleasant personality, I highly recommend working with him.


Former Executive Director,
Rebuilding Together Nashville

As a new non-profit leader within a fast-changing organization, Noah quickly was able to meet us exactly where we were and deliver actionable, practical solutions for our organization. I would recommend working with Noah for non-profits at any life-stage.

Former Director, Tulsa Pride,
Oklahomans for Equality

I recruited Noah to serve on an events team for a non-profit advocacy organization in Tulsa. I needed somebody with Noah's background in non-profit organization and best practices. Noah was able to join the team and quickly helped the organization streamline practices which helped people connect with the organization and also insulated us from risk. Noah drafted best practices, contracts, and other agreements which have now been in place for five years and continue to be used by the organization to this day. Noah helped us completely change the way we did the "business of non-profit" for the best.



Noah Spiegel exemplifies the “power of vision”. His ability to articulate a vision for the Nashville Opera Association and to execute a portfolio of aligned projects, programs and initiatives allowed this organization to ascend to new heights. This ability is key to successfully onboarding new Board members and gaining public support. The inclusive leadership model utilized by Noah Spiegel facilitated an increase in stakeholder support from sectors of the metropolitan area that were previously untapped; an accomplishment that is fundamental to the company’s growth. Moreover, with his expert skills of persuasion, Noah Spiegel prompts one to buy-in to his vision with ease. I, like so many others, am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with Noah, to have been included in the vision, and to have witnessed the “high bar” that he sets for innovative leadership.


Executive Director  and Founder

Noah Spiegel has been a fantastic help in taking LIVEmpowered to the next level. Our strategic planning day with him was engaging and educational. Noah helped us get a firm grasp on the tasks at hand as well as strategies to accomplish our goals. He was able to offer specific, detailed advice tailored to our organizational needs. Noah did a great job of communicating with me as the director and teaching me to set up a strategy for our organization. He also gave me great tips on communicating with my board effectively. He was able to help us develop a cohesive vision and our team is working so well together now. Noah has gone above and beyond to equip both myself and the Board of Directors to execute our strategy for growth and success!


Survey Feedback from Participants in Project Management Course

"This workshop was very engaging. The objectives were clearly stated so I knew what to expect. We had time to work together, listen to his presentation, and interact with the worksheets provided. It was a nice pace and I feel like he covered the material that he stated he would cover."

"Loved the animals, the humor, experience, collaboration and breakout groups with others."

"Noah shared the perfect mix of knowledge, skills, experience and tools to help me gain confidence in project management. He was great!"

"I left the workshop feeling informed, organized, and empowered with tools and strategies that I can use immediately."

Former Board Member, Nashville Opera
Director, Strategic Sourcing at HealthTrust Purchasing Group

Chair, Board of Trustees 2016-2018
Nashville Children's Theatre


Former Board President
Nashville Children's Theatre

Noah was exactly what NCT needed during a very challenging transitional year for our theatre. He was able to gain trust with the staff while also diagnosing operational problems that had come to light during our year long executive search. He has a wealth of knowledge about nonprofits, team operations, human resources and multiple paths the Board could take to address our challenges. He went above and beyond to support the theatre and helped us connect seemingly disparate functions to prepare us for the arrival of a new Executive Artistic Director. We valued his work and his insightful, incisive report so much we hired him to be our new Managing Director! We would definitely recommend Noah to help any organization, even if the challenges feel overwhelming. His calm and friendly approach definitely helped us to manage a lot of change and come out of it stronger. 


Former Chief Executive Officer
Japan-America Society of Tennessee, Inc.

Noah Spiegel's combination of intellect, deep understanding of organizational best practices, and ability to drive a strategic plan are the reasons I engaged him as a consultant for a strategic plan. He is able to see the big picture and identify needs of the organization with sensitivity and precision. He developed and executed practical steps needed in launching the process, gathered critical information and communicated clearly with stakeholders helping to build consensus for next steps in moving the organization forward. All of these things happened with the added bonus of Noah's engaging, positive and encouraging personality. He is a consummate professional who will bring his all to any organization.

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